Losing Time

Losing Time

I basically lost Saturday, October 22nd. I was in the air nearly 14 hours and with the time change, I arrived in Dubai at 7:30 p.m. I walked and walked thru this terminal and that and finally got to the passport checkin area. Both of my suitcases made it thru the ordeal and appeared to be in their original condition.

I took a cab to my Dubai Hotel which is only a short distance from the Mall of the Emirates. Huge place and is connected to the Ski Dubai facility. I will be in Dubai until Thursday for meetings and I hope to get to explore my local area in more detail.

On the way to the hotel, my cab driver was off in his own little world, so we missed the exit ramp to the Mall area. He got upset with himself for missing the exit and had to figure out a new path back to the hotel. Once you are on Sheik Zayed Road, you need to keep your wits about you, because the driving here in the UAE is tricky…..not as crazy as Libyan driving but close. At least the cab driver here did not try to rip me off and start crying like the Egyptian driver did last November.

The Hotel Ibis is pretty good. A new building. Reminds me of a new Hampton Inn. Very colorful and very contemporary furnishings. You can check out some of the interior images listed below.

The restaurant in the hotel has a bar and a great dining area. I decided to go with a pasta dish before retiring for the evening. I will start my diet tomorrow or as we say in Arabic, (boo-kra).

The bed at the hotel brought back memories. Yes the mattress company in the UAE makes the same mattress as they use in Libya. If it were a Sleep Number bed, it would be 110. I like a firm mattress, but this is a little too firm. Maybe when I get to Abu Dhabi, I can find a place with a Westin Heavenly Bed…..one can only hope.

Time zones will pose a major hurdle for this adventure. Currently the UAE is 8 hours ahead of Indy. When Indiana falls back an hour in a few weeks, then the UAE will be 9 hours ahead. So I will try to add info to my blog as often as I can so that everyone can keep up on this crazy architectural nomad.


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