On to Dubai

Friday, October 21, 2011 was my first day at work. True it was not your typical work day. It started out with a great long lunch hour with my wife and daughter at Granite City. I had to get my last bacon cheeseburger into my system before running off to the land of no PORK.

The flight from Indy to Atlanta was good, no delays. I had to walk a mile or two and take a shuttle train at ATL to get to the international terminal. It was odd to see Paris and Rome and Dubai listed at the various gates at the E Terminal and then they would announce that people going to Akron/Canton need to go to E29 for boarding. I guess Akron/Canton feel like you are going to some far off place……who knew??

The flight from ATL to Dubai was packed. Who would have thought that 250 people would be needing to go to the UAE on a Friday night. I will have to look into better dates and times in the future. I hate it when they make you walk thru the business class section on your way to coach. It is like going to Shapiro’s deli and seeing the desserts before you see the main entree. I have got to save up my money and see how I can get a Business Class ticket in the future.

I got my ticket late so wouldn’t you know it. I was the middle seat. It was a Boeing 777 and they did have pretty good legroom room but still, laying claim to the armrests is a battle. My seat mate to the right was a big smoker. As soon as I sat down I think my clothes started to smell smokey. He was a Marlboro man. His carryon under his seat popped open near the end of the trip and sure enough he was bringing his own carton of Marlboros into the UAE.

My seat mate on the left was a young guy who did not say much. Just curled up under his blanket and slept and watched movies. He must have a bladder the size of Texas. He did not leave his seat the entire time to go to the bathroom. He had a strange sense of humor and would laugh and carry on during the movies at odd times. His laugh was that of a hyena. I don’t think he could hear himself with his fancy Bose speaker headphones on.

When they came around for dinner, they asked if we wanted pasta or chicken. I thought I had better start my new diet now, since the doctor wants me to lose twenty pounds or get two inches taller. I went for the chicken. In fact all three of us went for the fowl. Upon unveiling the meal under the aluminum foil I discovered a piece of meat that was brown…..I turned on my overhead light to make sure it was not beef. It was chicken with a brown gravy sauce and lots of spices. Curry spices…..not a big fan of that. My seat mates skipped the chicken after my discovery. The chicken breast was on a bed of what appeared to be corn. Nope, it was chickpeas, I think. I usually consume my chickpeas in the form of hummus. They were not bad, but the curry spices had worked their way over to that part of the meal too. So I ended the meal with a caesar salad and a chocolate brownie.


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