Faux pas

I thought I would do some exploring today on my way to the Dubai office. My current hotel is just a block from the Mall of the Emirates. It is the Mall attached to the Ski Dubai facility.

After window shopping at Armani and Coach and the Apple Store (I want my wife and daughter and daughter-in-law to know that I am thinking of them), I headed to the Dubai Metro light rail train stop.

We have got to get one of these train systems in Indy. It is so convenient and fast.

I picked up my train card that is good for the train, a bus and a water taxi and hopped aboard. But evidently I made a glaring error in my choice of which train car to board. Yep, I was in the women only car. I was politely asked to move to the next car where the men ride. I did not take time to look and see how many dirty looks I got. That will teach me………

My task today was to read up on the specifications and contracts for the high rise apartment project. I decided that I can read a book outside at my local Starbucks, so to my amazement there happened to be a SBUX at the Dubai Marina. It is difficult to read when you have architectural wonders all around you. I am posting some images to give you an idea of what my surroundings were like at the Marina.

I could get use to this breakfast area……yachts all around, cool breeze off the water…..hmmm, maybe I will have lunch here too.

Back to reality……it gets up to 120 degrees in the Summer, so enjoy it while you can.


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