First Weekend

The typical weekend in Dubai is Friday and Saturday. In the UAE I will be working a five day week vs the six day work week that I had in Libya. This was my first weekend in Dubai. Not your typical weekend. Slept in on Friday morning, hung out at the pool here at the villa, watched some movies projected on the wall that surrounds our villa and checked emails and Facebook.

Saturday I got a chance to check out my new car that my company leased for me. It is a white Nissan Tiida. About the size of a Toyota Corolla. I was a little nervous in driving over here, but I thought a weekend day might be a good time to get out on the road and check out the surrounding areas. Besides, I need to figure out how to get back to the villa if I am out and about.

I drove along the coastline and checked out some five star hotels along the water that have terrific amenities and fabulous views. The Burj Al Arab is the seven star hotel that is just off the coastline from the Mall of the Emirates. It is amazing. I have included some images of this hotel for your viewing pleasure.

When I got back from my little excursion, I had to check out the pool. The water temp was about 78 degrees. It was very relaxing to float in the pool and when the mosque had their call to worship I reminded myself how blessed I am to have found my villa with my new American and UK friends.

My landlord purchased a new flat panel TV and got it all hooked up. We are going to see if we can get some NFL channels later tonight. Go COLTS…….you can do it.


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One Response to First Weekend

  1. Gorgeous pictures. This is so much fancier than anything I saw from your pics in Abu Dhabi. It looks like a wonderful adventure for sure!!!!!

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