More map info

I had a number of comments about how close things are to each other. I have included some more Google Earth images to help show everyone how my villa relates to other Dubai iconic architecture. I have indicated the location of the Villa with respect to The Palms, Ski Dubai and the Burj Al Arab Hotel. I will put together some new Google Earth images of where my project is located in Abu Dhabi.



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2 Responses to More map info

  1. Kathy O'Leary says:

    Great pictures for reference….do they speak English once out of the work setting? Assuming political unrest is in other countries, not where you are. When I’ve been to Europe, it’s always interesting to me to learn what their perspective is of the U.S…..unfiltered through our press.

    • archietek52 says:

      Most of the people that I am dealing with speak very good English. Most of them have gone to school in the USA or the UK. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable speaking English, but we get through it. Some of them have very interesting ideas about our political structure and the people at the top. It is always fun to learn more about the way they see the USA.

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