Abba Dabba Doo

I spent the day in Abu Dhabi. Had the opportunity to attend a seminar on sustainable design. The Abu Dhabi government has established their own version of LEED and the LEED point system when it comes to building construction. They call their system “Estidama”. You have Pearl One thru Pearl Five. All new construction has to be at least a Pearl One. I won’t get into too many details, but it looks like I might have to go Pearl diving into the study guide and get certified as a PQP….Pearl Qualified Professional. I will keep you updated on that…………

The seminar had about 300 people attending. I did not have to pay anything to attend and they provided all of the donuts and coffee and a huge buffet lunch. I am not sure who picked up the tab for this one. The seminar was held at the Abu Dhabi Sheraton which is where I stayed for seven months back in 2006-2007. The old gang of employees that called me “Mr. Tony” were no longer there.

I took a different route back to Dubai and saw some very interesting iconic architecture. I have attached an image for your review. This is the Aldar HQ Building. Aldar is one of the largest developers for the Abu Dhabi area. I took the picture while driving so it is not very good, but it just means that I will have go back and get some better photos. I have also attached a photo of the SkyTower and Sun Tower. These are two of the glass towers that I worked on back in 2006-2007. They are nearly complete and it appears that the four other towers are getting close to being finished.…. It is kind of nice having a car at my disposal.

SkyTower and SunTower

Aldar HQ in Abu Dhabi

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  1. archietek52 says:

    Just found out that the Sky Tower and the Sun Tower were given the 2011 Best Residential Award from Construction Week magazine. The big event was this past week.

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