Time for Reflection

When I was in Libya I had a number of moments that I sat back and thought about Life in general. I had one of those moments today. I got up early so that I could have a long chat with Carol. It had been two days since we had a chance to catch up on things. I am one lucky guy. My wife and family and friends are very supportive during this time that I am away from home. It has been a roller coaster ride this past year with me having a job, then no job, then a job, then no job……….So I thought I would just say that I am blessed. God has a plan. I do not know what it is yet. I am just along for the ride and what a ride. Today, I am sitting in my office, looking out over the Persian Gulf, drinking coffee, listening to my iTunes, and not worrying about any civil unrest in the neighborhood. The only thing that could make this day better would be for all of my family and friends to be over here with me so that I could share all that God has granted me. 



About archietek52

Architect, artist, author, designer, lecturer and world traveller
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3 Responses to Time for Reflection

  1. Donna says:

    Enjoy… God is Good!

  2. April says:

    Beautifully said! Glad that you are enjoying the road that is set before you – it is a blessing to have that!

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