Shopping in the Middle East

We are in the midst of Eid this weekend. The Festival of Sacrifice. Many people are gathering together with their families during this time of remembrance. They are also doing a lot of shopping, almost like the Christmas rush at Castleton. I decided to pickup a few things at the so-called Walmart at the MoE (Mall of the Emirates). First thing was parking was free……so far so good. Next I got about four things and got into the 10 items or less line. Well the lady in front of me only had a few things so I thought, “I will be in and out of here in no time.”  I should have known that my good fortune was going to be short lived. The woman in front of me was with three other friends. She was holding a place in line while the rest of them picked up their 10 items or less and squeezed in front of me one at a time. There were four of them and only one of me, so I guess they are right when they say “Safety in numbers……” So it was my turn to check out and wouldn’t you know it one of my items did not have a barcode on it. Can’t do anything until you have something to scan and the cashier did not want to believe me that it was only $15. So I had to wait for another person to get the correct barcode and when it rang up, I got it for $12. I guess it was worth the hassle to wait in line. Just be forewarned, that if the lady in front of you looks like she is shopping with friends, you do not want to get behind her.


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