Decisions Decisions

Another Eid festival day……I could get use to this Holiday season. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in last night and it actually rained a bit this morning. So I had to make a decision, do I take a nap and sleep in a little longer or go downtown and check out a travelling exhibit of Leonardo Da Vinci’s designs and artwork. Evidently the exhibit has been traveling around the World and this will be the only stop off for the Middle East. I went for the exhibit. I wanted to check out the Dubai Metro and see how long it would take me to get into the middle of downtown on the train. I left the villa and parked at the MoE (Mall of the Emirates), since it was still free parking, and headed downtown. While in the parking area of the mall, I was asked by an MoE employee if I would like to have my car washed while I shop. Sure, go for it…….total cost was $4. Maybe they should start doing that at the Simon Malls. The train ride downtown only took about 30 minutes… was packed. I thought, “oh no, everyone is going to the exhibit…..wonder how much it is going to cost to get in……” The exhibit was in one of the downtown malls in the open areas. It was FREE. You could walk up to the displays. They were not the original paintings but still the creativity that DaVinci was able to put on canvas was fabulous. I have included a few samples of what the exhibit had on hand.

I thought it was interesting to display the “Last Supper” in the middle of an Arabic mall. No one seemed to get worked up about it……I wonder if they have an ACLU Chapter in Dubai??


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2 Responses to Decisions Decisions

  1. Shockley Flick says:


    I’m loving yoiur comments. What wonderful sights you get to see while you are there. You are a blessed man to have Carol to support and hold you up. See if your minister is looking for a move. I know of a church that needs a good minister.

  2. Wow, I love stories/experiences like this!

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