Food Network 001

I thought I would create a post here and there with regards to local cuisine. So you do not have to watch the Food Network, you now have a local reporter to fill you in on the latest culinary cuisine in the Dubai area.

Today I will chat about a local restaurant located at the MoE (Mall of the Emirates). If you are looking for a delicious greasy hamburger, you need to check out the Shake Shack. Most of the stores are located in New York, but Dubai and Kuwait now have stores available. Story has it that a Sheikh from Kuwait was in NY and went to one of their stores. He loved it so much that he made a deal with the owner and got the exclusive rights to the Middle East franchise.

They only serve hamburgers, hot dogs and fries. They have very chocolatie shakes and they have a Blizzard want-to-be. They call it a Concrete. The fries are crispy crinkle fries. The ShackBurger is probably a quarter-pounder with lettuce, tomato, and special sauce. I would give it four stars (I don’t give anyone five stars). The cost for the burger/fries and shake is approx. $10

Keep an eye on the blog for the next Food Network critique. Ā Remember…….watch the gleeking………


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