Expanding my network

I had the opportunity to expand my network a little more on Friday night. One of my villa-mates is a PR person for the Al Ain Dairy. She was talking with a friend who was in need of an architect to help a friend of a friend. Her friend Kevin contacted me a week or so ago to put together a sketch of a small building that his friend needed for a possible project in Mali (I had to look it up….it is in Africa). Anyway I threw together a 3D sketch in Sketchup and emailed it to him. So Kevin and his wife invited me to dinner this past Friday. They have a penthouse apartment in downtown Dubai very close to the water. The attached image is the view from their apartment looking back towards the high rise buildings along Sheikh Zayed Road.

His apartment has 5000 sq. ft. and a fantastic view all around. The dinner party included Kevin’s wife and an attorney from the largest law firm in Canada and a wine expert. Kevin is also a wine expert ….when he asked me what type of wine I would like to drink, I did not know what to say, so I just said RED. We had a great dinner and a lot of good conversation.  So now I have the name of a good attorney and a couple of wine experts. You never know when this sort of thing might come in handy.

Dubai skyline


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One Response to Expanding my network

  1. Shockley Flick says:

    Wow! Hobnobbing with the elite. But when you’re talented, you draw such people. Beautirul view.

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