Central Park nearby

I was out and about today to get a better idea on where things are in relationship to the villa. We have a number of malls in this city. Huge malls like the Dubai Mall (1200 stores) and the Mall of the Emirates (400 stores). Now we have a new mall near the villa called the Al Barsha Mall. I might have about 30 stores. The main tenant is the United Co-op Hypermarket. Sort of like a Super Target. I took a quick stroll thru the market and it has just about everything I can ever need. The mall also has an ATM machine that will accept my bank card and then I discovered a Starbucks on the second floor of the mall. I ordered a tall shaken iced tea and a muffin. When I got the drink it was tea, but it was not iced and it was not shaken, so I had to get the coffee person to throw in some ice.

The view out the window was great, so I took a quick snapshot of the skyline from the Starbucks window. The mall overlooks the Al Barsha Park…..sort of like our own little Central Park. In the distance you can see the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the building that contains Ski Dubai. The Mall of the Emirates is just on the other side of the apartments and office buildings.

The Al Barsha Park has a large lake in the middle and I saw some folks renting big tricycles to tool around the park. I will have to check that out some other weekend.



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