Perks for Americans

I had the opportunity to go to the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Most of the embassies are located in about a three or four city block area of Abu Dhabi. The US Embassy is a unique looking building a big grey wedge sitting in the middle of the other embassies. I had a 2:00 appointment on Sunday. When I got to the outdoor queue, there were about 20 people sitting on benches waiting their turn. I thought , “Great I will be late for my meeting”. I went up to the guard and he checked my appointment printout and my passport. He had me go right up to the entry door. The lady who was first in line next to the door was a little upset. She asked the guard, “why does he get to cut in line….” He said, “because he is a US citizen….” It is good to be an “American”. Her passport was a dark red color, so I think she was Phillipino or something else.

Lots of security inside the building….just like the airport security. You cannot take cellphones into the building or any purses or bags. My reason for going to the embassy was to get the local US office to stamp a document and authenticate my architect’s license and college diploma. These two things had been authenticated by the Qatar government and a document signed by Hillary Clinton said they were OK with her office. Well the local Abu Dhabi office person said, “I cannot help you and authenticate it again…..Hillary has signed off on it and I cannot sign off since our office is lower than Washington DC. ” So now I have to send my paperwork and have it signed off by the UAE embassy in Wash, DC. More red tape. So maybe I will get my work visa after Christmas…..(In-Shalla)…(if God wills it so)


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