Power consumption

I have been noticing the various techniques that the UAE uses to help conserve energy. For example the escalators in the malls are set to run at a very slow speed when not in use. When someone approaches the landing, then a sensor picks up on it and gets the treads moving at the normal speed.

The hotels have remote sensors so that as you step off the elevator the hallway lights will switch on so that you can get to your room. They have an emergency light in the hallway on at all times, but the rest of the hallway will illuminate when guests arrive.

The hotel rooms have the switch inside the room where you place your key card to access the lighting in the room. This is OK in most cases, but you have to make sure that if you are downloading a Word document and you decide to go out to dinner, then the power will go off once you take the key card out of the slot. So my word to the wise is to get two key cards so you can leave one key card in the slot while you are out of the room.

The other way the UAE conserves energy is to provide only one duplex outlet per office. Yes, my coworker and I share a 10′ x 15′ office. It has one outlet for the whole room. So we have two power strips each with outlets. That seems to be plenty for three laptops, a printer, an iPad and an iPhone.


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