Dubai is one busy place

On December 2nd, the UAE will be celebrating their 40th year of being a Union. In preparation for a number of activities, the city of Dubai has had a number of events leading up to the big day. This week we had a parachuting exhibition. The landing area was right outside my office window. The jumpers would jump out of large helicopter. They were high enough in the air that you could not see the jumper in the sky, but once they pulled the cord you could see them float gently to the landing spot near the Palm Islands.

We will be having a hot air balloon competition on Friday and Saturday. The plan is to have a balloon glow the night of Dec. 2nd. The big parade is scheduled for Dec. 2nd it will take place along the beach road that runs in front of the Burj Al Arab.

Next weekend is the Race for Dubai Golf Championship. They are giving away free tickets to this event, so I downloaded my tickets and hope to get a good spot to watch the champions from the European golfers.


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2 Responses to Dubai is one busy place

  1. Donna says:

    I hope you get a few good shots of the night glow….Now for the golf outting make sure to wear an outrageous IIDA golf shirt:) Enjoy! We had our first snow here last night…

  2. Yes, I agree–pictures of the night glow, please!

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