More UAE festivities

Well tonight on the way home I stopped off at the Meydan Turf Club. It is a huge horse race track. Kind of like the Churchill Downs of Dubai. This was the location for the hot air balloon night glow festivities. Quite a few people showed up for the event. The show got underway as soon as it got dark. Unlike the huge hot air balloon events in New Mexico, our little show just had 8 balloons. The main balloon was shaped like a tiered birthday cake. Very cleverly decorated.  Sheikh Mohammed and the Crown Prince had their images on one of the balloons next to the cake.

They turned the lights off of the track and lit up the balloons. The balloonists would turn up the flames in time with the music that was playing over the loudspeakers. Would you believe we were listening to the soundtrack of  “Mama Mia”. I did not know that Dubai residents were big Abba fans. Everyone had a great time. It took me awhile to get home from the racetrack. The parking garage at the facility can accommodate 10,000 cars. I finally made it safely back to the villa.



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