Ready for Christmas

Well it is that time of year to start getting the decorations out for the Christmas spirit. It is the same here in Dubai. There are number of stores that sell Christmas decorations and many of the department stores at the mall are all decked out.

My landlord and his wife have put some finishing touches to make our modest villa “Christmas-sy”. But they did not want to go all out because who wants to decorate a 10,000 square foot house. That is a lot of stuff to put back after the Holidays. I have attached some images of the great decorations that we have at the villa. The Santa that is parachuting is displayed because one of my villa-mates is a weekend parachute jumper.


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2 Responses to Ready for Christmas

  1. Denise Wilder says:

    Hi, Tony!
    What an exciting adventure you are having once again! The children and I enjoy reading what you are doing. My 8th grader is doing a report on Dubai and wonders what BURJ means and how it is pronounced. He said it is part of the name of a lot of places. I thought maybe you would know.
    Denise, Izzy and Mac

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