Relaxing at the office

I do not want to rub salt into any  wounds since I heard that Indy might be having snow on Thursday and Friday, but in Dubai the sun is out and the weather is fantastic. I know I will be eating my words this Summer when it will be hot, humid and 120 degrees out. But for now, I will enjoy the terrific December weather.

I met up with a friend of mine yesterday for breakfast. He is on his way to a project in Doha, Qatar.  We met at the Westin Hotel that is not very far from my office. I was glad I had my camera with me so that I could get some images of the hotel lobby all decorated for Christmas. The fountain at the entry was great, but when I saw this huge tree in the open atrium I just had to get a photo of it.

When I got back to the office I was reviewing some of the project drawings and listening to some instrumental music by George Winston.  With the music, the blue skies, I noticed that the parachutists outside my window were gracefully gliding thru air, it was almost like the music was synchronized to their movements.


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One Response to Relaxing at the office

  1. Love it when days beautifully fall together like that!

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