Not quite 5 Guys

This afternoon I thought I would do some exploring on the Dubai Metro. I parked my car near the office and I wanted to take the Metro to the end of the line towards Abu Dhabi. I thought I could get lunch at the mall near there and then come back to the office. Well I discovered that the Metro line does not start running until 1:00 p.m. on Fridays. The train going south to Abu Dhabi will not be arriving until 1:30. So I decided to go to the Mall of the Emirates and have lunch there. Little did I know that the train was going to be packed when it arrived and I barely had room to slip into the car.

When we got to the MoE, people were piling on and not letting people get off. I was one that did not make it off. So I went down to the next train stop and back tracked on the other side of the train station to head back to the MoE. Again, people were piling on and not letting people off. So I took a little ride further along the route to the Dubai Marina station. There I decided to walk around and check out some of the new buildings that have been built around a man-made lake called Jumeirah Lake. I discovered a little hamburger place on the walk around the lake. I was ready to check out this new eatery, but they were closed.

Walk across the bridge that goes over Sheikh Zayed Road and went back to the Dubai Marina, remember where my Starbucks remote office is located. To my surprise I found the perfect spot for my lunch break, Johnny Rockets. So I was able to get my burger after all………just takes a little walk around town to find the perfect ending for the day.


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