Right on schedule

Everything seemed to be right on schedule today, so I thought I would outline the highlights.

Got up refreshed and ready for work.

Perfect weather and had the windows rolled down for the fresh air drive into work.

We have a little coffee bar in the lobby of our office building. The owner saw me come in and had my usual black coffee waiting for me. I added a muffin to my order to add a little fiber to my diet.

The elevators were running on time and not very crowded.

I took the Dubai Metro downtown for a trade show. On the way there I noticed that they have a sticker on the wall of the train that suggests that old people and pregnant women get priority seating. When I got on the train two guys got up from their seats to let me sit down. I told them “Thanks but, No Thanks”….that was kind of them but my self-esteem is now shattered. The trade show dealt with traffic control systems and various digital signage. It was interesting but a pretty small show compared to The Big 5 Construction Show.

I did not have any issues with the Metro this time, but everyone seems to be out shopping for Christmas so the Mall of the Emirates is getting very busy.

We have a Cold Stone Creamery at the MoE. The guy making up the ice cream selections was like a Benihana chef. He was flipping his tools around on the stone surface and flipping the scoops of ice cream into the air and catching it in the cup. Did not see him try to flip one into a waffle cone. Maybe he was a trainee.


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Architect, artist, author, designer, lecturer and world traveller
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3 Responses to Right on schedule

  1. john crane says:

    You are old

  2. Derek Wallace says:

    How is the temperature there as we get ready for another cold blast?
    Marry Christmas………………..

    • archietek52 says:

      The weather is perfect this time of year. During the day it is about 80 degrees and at night it gets down to about 65. We did have a little breeze and it just made things even better. I will try to figure out how to dress warmly when I come home to Indy for the Holidays. See you at E91

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