Food Network 002

Since I was talking about local coffee shops in a previous posting, I thought I would share with you a new local place that I tried out for lunch today. The Mall closest to my villa is called the Al Barsha Mall. It is very new and very small compared to the MoE and the Dubai Mall. They only have about 20 or 30 shops in the Al Barsha Mall. They do have a very large grocery store on the second floor.

I tried out a small Lebanese restaurant today for lunch. They had a large selection of salads and sandwiches and pizza. The attached images show the decor of the restaurant. The thing that struck me most was their attention to detail and service. The waiter took me to a table by the window, not one stuck in the back next to the busboy station. One guy was taking the newly washed silverware out of the tray and wiping each utensil with a napkin before putting it on the tables. He even noticed some water on one of the plates and wiped it off with a different napkin.

I ordered a shish tawook sandwich. (Basically chunks of grilled chicken breast with lettuce wrapped inside a burrito) or as we say in the USA, a chicken wrap. It was 14 dirhams ($3.83) and included fries. They did not have any ketchup handy so I asked the server if he had any ketchup. He picked up a bottle that was at the busboy station but when he looked it over, there was some extra ketchup on the cap. He started to wipe off the excess, but decided, what the heck, so he got me a brand new bottle from the back room. Pretty nice service if you ask me. The meal was great and the view of the Al Barsha Park was fantastic. I will have to add this little place to my list of hangouts.

Forgot to mention one of the other features of the Al Barsha Mall. While I was having lunch and did a little grocery shopping afterwards, I was having my car washed in the parking garage. The car wash is $2.45……


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3 Responses to Food Network 002

  1. Stephanie Richard says:

    Looks like a great little cafe.

    Is it common for signs and information to be in English?

    • archietek52 says:

      That is one nice thing about the UAE compared to Libya. Most signage is in English and Arabic. The menus are printed in English in the front of the menu and Arabic in the back of the menu. They read right to left and books are printed back to front.

  2. Charley says:

    Nice to be pampered and serviced everywhere you go and for such a good price.

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