What to do…..?

I just got my coffee shop guy trained to have my coffee waiting for me when he sees me coming across the parking lot. He calls me “Mister Tony”. Such respect. For a change I stopped by the Krispy Creme shop the other day and ordered two donuts and a cup of coffee. The cashier said, “that will be 9 dirhams” (that is $2.45). I looked at the sign board and it said just the coffee alone would be 9 dirhams. I said, “but I have two donuts too…..”. She said “if you order two donuts and a coffee you get the donuts for FREE.” Sign me up for that…………..

Now what do I do about my coffee shop at the office. They charge 10 dirhams for one coffee and the cup is slightly smaller than the Krispy Creme cup. Should I be a loyal customer to the small coffee shop or give into the large corporate FREE give-aways……?? I am part of the coffee club at the office so if I get 8 cups, then I get the 9th one FREE. But the KC donuts are so good.

This morning I decided to skip the tempting donuts and stopped by the coffee shop. He had my cup of coffee ready and when he stamped my card he gave me two stamps vs. one. As he stamped my card he said “a great cup of coffee for a great Mister Tony”…..do you suppose he saw me go over to Krispy Creme the other day???   I think I have decided where to spend my dirhams. I don’t need donuts with the Christmas season upon us.


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3 Responses to What to do…..?

  1. Charley says:

    I think he has eyes in the back of his head or his cousin works at KC. Either way, you can spoil yourself once a week with some KC. I think he’ll understand… 😉

  2. Sheila Walker says:

    That is quite a dliema. I loooove KC donuts. I like the once a week idea, that way Carol will still recognize you when you come home.

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