Great idea……but…..

On the walk over to the Irish Pub I saw an interesting feature that is all over Dubai. Instead of putting in curb cuts for handicapped people and pedestrians going down a small ramp, the Dubai transportation folks put in a raised cross-walk area. The surface of the walk is the same as the curb on each side of the street. They have a sloped surface for the cars to go up and over…..sort of like an extra wide speed bump.

The cars slow down for the speed bump and if they don’t then they will bottom out the car on the other side of the cross-walk. You will see a number of places where the pavement is all scratched up from cars going a little too quickly over the cross-walk. It is a pretty neat idea except for the walk area that I saw on the way to the pub. This particular cross-walk is located on a sloping roadway. When it does rain around here, they pulled the cross-walk away from the curb by about 4 to 6 inches so that the water can run down the hill and the cross-walk will not become a big dam. Well that sort of makes it tough for a wheel chair to make it over the gap and if you are not watching where you are walking, a woman might get the heel of her shoe in the gap. Maybe they should paint “Mind the Gap” on the edge of the curb.


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