Just call me a big Geek

Now that I am back in Dubai, I have acquired some technology that hopefully will make life a little more bearable over here. OK, I know that I am living the Life of Riley, living in a big villa with a private pool, have a maid, and look out over the Persian Gulf from my corner office……I am just saying that I got some neat toys for Christmas that will make life a little less stressful.

I was able to download some software while home that will allow me to use my MagicJack software from the office and from the villa. Before it would only work from the office, because of some sort of filter that the local internet provider put onto the line. I can now dial any number in the USA from the villa or the office. That will make verbal communications much better in the future. Secondly, I bought a SlingBox device for the home in Indy. This device will allow me to watch any TV program that my AT&T U-Verse system can pickup. For example, any program that Carol records on the DVR can now be displayed on my laptop in Dubai. I can also watch live TV broadcasts at any time. I am very excited about this new toy, so I will be able to watch the Super Bowl live at the villa. Yes, I know there is a nine hour difference in time zones and I will need to take a nap before the game since it will be 3:30 a.m. for me if the game starts at 6:30 p.m. in Indy. I am going to chat with my landlord and his wife and see if they want to have a Super Bowl party at the villa. I bought an HD cable to hookup my laptop to the big screen TV at the villa. I will let you know how things go………….it will be great to see how the Super Bowl party in downtown Indy works out…………..


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Architect, artist, author, designer, lecturer and world traveller
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