New to me

Besides my jet-lag I had a Big Mac attack today. Had to get a quick bite to eat before I had a meeting with a Scottish architect friend, if you remember he is the guy that invited me to the Dubai Autodrome a month or so ago. He wants me to give him some lessons on how to use the 3D software called Sketchup.

Anyway, I went to McD’s to get my Big Mac fix. A big sign at the counter said, try the Mega Mac Meal (regular Big Mac only now with four hamburger patties and all of the other stuff). I had never heard of this new culinary feast that McDonalds had cooked up. I do not recall seeing anything in Indy concerning this new treat. Then again, I was hitting most of the local restaurants to satisfy my pork intake quota. Has anyone else heard of this new Meal Deal??

I went for the normal Mac for the time being. I did not want to fall asleep in the middle of my Sketchup lesson. I will have to try the Mega Mac later when I can afford a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Maybe this weekend. I will keep you posted on how many utils this delicacy has to offer.


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