New Year’s Resolution

Now that I am back on the job, I thought I would attempt to fulfill a New Year’s Resolution. The elevators at my office are very slow and not synchronized. I have decided to walk up the seven flights of stairs each day. Once in the morning and then again after lunch. Today was my first go at it and I got up to the 4th floor before I needed a little rest. We will see how long it takes me to get up the full 7 flights without pausing.

My local coffee shop owner must have seen me go to Krispy Creme the other day. Today he went on and on about how he missed me while I was in the USA and that if I need any drinks or food brought up to my office, to just give him a call. This guy is really working me……… now I have a way of getting my lunch brought up to my office and I won’t have to worry about walking up the 7 flights of stairs in the afternoon. This could really work out great…….


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Architect, artist, author, designer, lecturer and world traveller
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One Response to New Year’s Resolution

  1. Shockley flick says:

    Good for you, Mr. Tony.

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