It Pays to sign up for stuff

Years ago when I was in Abu Dhabi, (2006/2007) I signed up for the SPG frequent traveler program at the Sheraton. I did not realize at the time that I was going to be living there for seven months. After that length of stay, I was probably considered to be a double Platinum member. I had over 100,000 points accumulated and used up a number of them to take vacations in the USA.

Now I am a regular SPG member, but the folks at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi are treating me like I am still a Platinum member. I am attending the World Energy Summit conference in Abu Dhabi this week. I thought, what the heck, I will stay at the Sheraton and see if it is still a great resort……IT IS. They let me check-in early, they gave me free internet, I have a sea-view and they said I could use the Club Lounge area for the happy hour.

I was checking out whether the internet was working at my desk and the room service guy shows up with chocolates, wine, fruit and cheese. I guess if the villa accommodations in Dubai do not work out, then I might have to move into the Sheraton for the rest of my project timeframe. So it pays to sign up for hotel frequent traveler plans…..I can vouch for that…….


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