Another Mall

How many Malls should one city have……I discovered another one last night on my way to a networking event. This new Mall is called the Dubai Marina Mall. It is near Sheikh Zayed Road and is a circular floor plan. Large dome over the whole thing and a three storey open atrium. One issue that I had was parking. I was able to find a spot very easily but as the doors of the elevator were closing to go up to the main level, I briefly saw the column number of B1. That will be easy to remember, I am parked next to column B1. Well after the networking event was over, I found my way back to the elevators, but I was on the other side of the building and the entire floor has all of the columns painted with B1. So needless to say, I am glad the battery in my key fob was working so that I could try and find my car when the parking lights would flicker when I hit the key fob. There are a lot of people in Dubai driving white Nissan Tiida cars. Or at least a lot that have decided to shop at the Dubai Marina Mall last night.


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One Response to Another Mall

  1. NIcki says:

    If you think about it, Indianapolis proper has quite a few malls. Castleton, Lafayette Square, Washington Square, Circle Center, Greenwood Park, Keystone at the Crossing… And thats not including the malls just outside the city (Clay Terrace, Metropolis, Hamilton Town Square, and the like.) You should count up how many malls they have and compare it to Indy!

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