Dubai Tour Guide 001

Sorry for the long dry spell between blogs. I had a chance to be an unofficial tour guide for my niece, Stacy Paetz. She was in Dubai for a few days and then is traveling on to Tel Aviv. It gave me a chance to put together a list of things to do and see, just in case other family and friends venture over to the UAE.

I think I will break up the tour book by daily activities. The first full day in Dubai was a chance to see the Burj Al Arab. It is listed as a seven star hotel. Believe you me, it deserves every star. We went up the express elevator from the ground level to the Skyward Bar area. It is the cross-bar on the 27th floor. The Burj Al Arab is a little misleading on how tall it really is…..Each floor is actually constructed with double height floor to floor elevations. So even though the Skyward Bar is listed as the 27th floor, it is actually nearly 54 stories above the ground.

We had High Tea sitting at the window overlooking the small yachts in the marina below. The food was great, the service was unbelievable and the views out over the water were fantastic. The interior of the Burj Al Arab was amazing. Bright colors, gold (lots of gold) and very plush carpeting everywhere.

The fountains in the lobby reminded me of the dancing waters at Disney World.



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