Dress Warmly

Not to rub salt into anyone’s wound, but the weather in Dubai today was fabulous. The high was 79 and the low about 60. I am sitting on the patio of one of the local restaurants near my office and just happened to see two guys walking from the little grocery store back to their offices. I wanted to take a photo with my iPhone but I did not want them to get upset with me for taking their picture, so I will try to describe the scene as best I can.

We have two guys wearing nice jeans and black dress shoes. One guy has a long sleeved pullover shirt and a small military like cap on. The other guy has on a short sleeved pullover shirt. They both wanted to make a fashion statement so they both had, what appeared to be a wool scarf around their necks. Now it is possible that they are both famous tenor singers and they were preparing for an upcoming concert, but if that is not the case, then they must not be able to take the cool weather very well. Cool weather!! It is 79 degrees outside……come on.

If I see other fashion runway want-to-be’s I will post them again soon.


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