Network expansion

Expanding one’s network never hurts. This week I had an opportunity to attend a wine tasting event at a hotel located next to another Mall here in Dubai. It was just a short ride on the Dubai Metro train from my office.

On the way over to the hotel from the train station, I cut thru the Mall parking lot and evidently I must have had a look on my face that said, “I need an iPhone”. Sure enough two different guys within a 5 minute timeframe approached me and asked me if I would like to buy an iPhone from them……there must be a black market for iPhones now…..

The wine tasting event was very well attended. Approx. 120 people showed up and I happened to be sitting next to a guy that sells various products to contractors. When I told him that I am an architect, his eyes lit up and said, “you must stop by my office and I will show you the other building products that we have.” I said, sure, “where is your office?”  He said, “the Concord Tower”.  That is where MY office is too…..small world. This guy is from Houston and he has only been in Dubai a little less than a year.

I also met a financial guy from Arkansas. He has only been in Dubai for about two months and has a great apartment downtown, but no personal auto, so he just takes the train to and from work and does not get a chance to talk to too many Americans. We are going to try and meet up for dinner some time soon.

So my network keeps expanding. You never know when you might need some more connections.


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