New ways to make change

On my way home tonight, I stopped off at the grocery to pickup some cereal, peanut butter and jelly and some Snickers bars. Most items are priced so that they ring up in chunk numbers (as my daughter calls it). I was surprised that the total bill was 43.30 AED (dirhams) That is about $10. I gave the cashier two 20’s and 3 dirham coins and 50 fils. I was expecting about 20 fils back in change. From what I understand, the coins here only come in 25 and 50 fil denominations. So instead of getting 20 fils back, I got a package of chewing gum. Now if I had purchased a package of chewing gum it would have cost me 2 AED. Must be a new math system………..


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2 Responses to New ways to make change

  1. Dwight Chernish says:

    Maybe they only counted their cost so now you know the markup. Or, maybe they thought you could just use the gum. What interesting experiences you’re having.

  2. Donna says:

    Seems a little” sticky’ to me….

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