Snow days in Dubai

Well we do not really have snow days in Dubai, but the weather posted in the daily paper today said that the wind from the desert is going to keep blowing for a few more days. From my office window I could usually see the very last crescent of The Palm, but today I can just see the first two fronds from the mainland. The paper is suggesting that anyone with a breathing condition should stay indoors until things clear up. Maybe I will stop off at the Dubai Mall tonight and see if they have any Tom Cruise goggles for sale.

They are also saying that road conditions between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the desert would be like a white-out with the wind and sand blowing across the open highways. So I guess the “ghiblis” (sand-storms) from Libya are coming to the UAE. Here is hoping that the other conditions do not follow me to the UAE.


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One Response to Snow days in Dubai

  1. Dwight Chernish says:

    Hope you have a mask as well as goggles. You need know what will follow you but I’m sure you’re not a harbinger of doom. Hope your project gets approved soon.

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