More car racing

Sorry it has been awhile since the last posting. I had to put together some marketing materials for the office. I hate it when WORK gets in the way of Blogging. While I am waiting for my project to get into full swing, I have been doing some more networking, to spread the word about my company and my expertise. Tuesday night was no exception. I have joined a networking group for expats in Dubai. They had a get-together at a very nice restaurant in downtown Dubai. The weather was perfect, so they had the event outside on a terrace area. Each person was suppose to fill out a registration card and a door prize would be drawn for the evening.

On Thursday I got a call from the networking people and sure enough I won one of the door prizes. It was a gift certificate for 500 AED ($137). I can use it at any of the restaurants at the hotel that was connected with the downtown event. Just have to use it by the end of March. Pretty good deal. I think I will start going to more of these expat events.

Friday I drove out to the Dubai Autodrome. A Maserati race was taking place along with some motorcycle racing. The sound of the Maseratis reminded me of the Nascar sounds at the Brickyard. They had about ten cars in the race. An Italian driver named, Patrick Zamparini. I have attached a couple of photos of the cars and the winner talking to the press. You can get very close to the cars and the drivers at the Autodrome. The best part about the race is that it is FREE.

I thought that since I was saving so much money for not having to buy a ticket at the gate, I would splurge and get a Maserati polo shirt to remember the event. Don’t ask me to show you my shirt…..I did not buy one….they wanted AED 360 ($100). No Way…


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