Little too much money

It is another windy day in Dubai. This time the strong winds are coming in from the Gulf. The sand that is blowing around is coming from open areas within the City. I can see white caps near The Palm. From my office window, there is a large yacht (200′ long) that has been parked near my office for almost a week. Not sure if they are having engine troubles or just like to float around out there.

This yacht is so large that it has a small helicopter on the top deck, a classic Chris Craft wooden motor boat to take the guests to and from shore and I just noticed today that they opened up a panel on the side of the yacht so that they could take their jet skis out on the water. Sort of like a little garage door that opened up and it had a drive up dock. Pretty cool. Not sure what that type of boat would go for, but I bet it is a little pricey.


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2 Responses to Little too much money

  1. John Crane says:

    I bet you could rent it for the day.

  2. Mark Kramer says:

    We saw that when we were at the beach last week. Oh, the simple pleasures.

    I don’t miss the blowing sand.

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