Sometimes you need to work the system

I have been a devoted Starbucks customer for over two years. I am very proud of my SBUX Gold Card. When I get back to Indy in a few days I will be able to cash in a couple of FREE drink cards. Now I want you to know that I do not normally do the fancy “half-caf, decaf, mocha latte whatever”….I just go for the Tall Pike. Simple and one of the more economical beverages. I discovered that even though I have a number of Starbucks locations near my villa and my office, they do not recognize my Gold Card status. I have let the SBUX upper management know of my UAE problem and they apologized in their email, but said the Gold Card system is only for the US/Canada and a few other countries.

As a Gold Card member, I was able to get a FREE refill if I ordered a beverage at the local store. I decided to see if my local Dubai shop might be able to give me this one perk………I befriended the local manager and he said that the company policy does not allow him to provide Gold Card perks, but since I am a loyal customer (I did not tell him that I frequent the Krispy Creme down the street too…) he would honor my request for a refill. He informed the rest of the staff of my special case. So I am all set………

Now to figure out how to get reduced green fees at the golf course across from my office. Wish me luck……..


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One Response to Sometimes you need to work the system

  1. Donna says:

    My mom said it never hurts to ask:) Safe travels back to Indy…

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