Working out the kinks

I like to explore and what better way than to have a GPS unit in the car. I thought about buying a GPS unit when I go back to the USA. It might be cheaper that way, but then it would not have the Middle East maps loaded by default. Some folks have told me that loading new maps is sometimes more expensive than purchasing the GPS in the first place.

I bought a Garmin unit. Small and easy to read the screen. The first issue that I had after taking it out of the box was that all of the instructions on the screen were in Arabic. After hitting a few buttons here and there, I was able to get the English option loaded. I had to choose between British English and American English. Also had to choose between a British male voice or a British  female voice for giving out verbal directions. The GPS unit said that it had the 2012 maps for the Middle East loaded. I discovered that a number of streets in Dubai are very new and not on the map.

For example, in testing the accuracy of the GPS unit, I plugged in my destination as my office from my villa. It took me there but we went down an older path compared to the newer street that I have been going down. On the way back it kept telling me to “turn left, turn left”, well I was not about to, since we were on a new overpass bridge. It was able to recalculate my new path after I disobeyed the orders. I got to the villa safe and sound.

So you can’t trust everything you read on the internet and you should not take the instructions from a GPS too literally.


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One Response to Working out the kinks

  1. Dwight Chernish says:

    Remember the tv commercial about mayhem? That sounds like what you ran into with the gps. Safe journey home.

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