Dubai Boat Show

A few days before I left for Indy (mid-March) the Dubai Boat Show was taking place outside my office window. The Dubai Marina is located near The Palm and a number of very well-appointed boats showed up for the festivities. I say boats, but they were yachts……….I am not sure when a boat becomes a yacht and when it becomes a ship….I will have to look that one up. Anyway, there were some pretty cool boats out on the water for everyone to see.

Nothing compared to the one boat that pulled up and dropped anchor. Sheikh Mohammed had is yacht on display for the whole week. I have attached a photo of the world’s second largest yacht. It is approx. 525 feet long. It has 40 guestrooms, so maybe it should be called a small cruise ship. It sure looked like one when it was coming into the harbor.


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One Response to Dubai Boat Show

  1. Donna says:

    What an incredible yacht…I think I would consider that a ship:)

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