New Abu Dhabi office

My co-worker has established a new remote office for me in Abu Dhabi. I will be coming over to the jobsite about two or three times a week. The project is scheduled to take about two years, so I think I will get to know the road between Dubai and Abu Dhabi pretty well by then.

The new office is not very far from the job site and today I was able to get some IT issues out of the way. I purchased a new printer/copier/scanner for the office and the internet connection is blazing fast compared to the internet speed back at the Dubai villa. I have enough power outlets to have my Mac and my company laptop on my desk at the same time.

While I was chatting on MagicJack with my daughter this afternoon, the office building manager stopped in and brought me my afternoon coffee… I just have to see if he can pick up some donuts or scones for my High Tea.



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