Safety first

We had our big kickoff meeting at the Abu Dhabi project jobsite last week. Things are moving along as planned. During the brief discussion about safety on the jobsite, it was determined that everyone needs to have a hard hat and a safety vest on while out on the job site. Sounds like a good plan to me. So I stopped by my local Dubai ACE Hardware. ACE is the PLACE, is only a few blocks from my villa in Dubai. Sure enough, they had a hard hat and a safety vest available.

None of the vests had sizes indicated on them, so I took what appeared to be the largest vest they had and asked the clerk if it was OK to take it out of the plastic wrap to verify that it would fit. Mesh-mooshkila (no problem) she said…… fit OK, but was a little snug when I tried to fasten the velcro front portion. She said, “it will fit just fine if you don’t eat for a week”.  Thanks alot lady…….such customer service.


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  1. Haha. That is hilarious!

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