Not going to listen

Well after the ACE Hardware clerk made that comment about me “skipping meals” , so that I would be able to wear my safety vest, I decided to check out the new muffins that they have downstairs at another local diner. The muffin du jour was a pineapple/coconut muffin. Along with a cup of coffee, it was fantastic. While eating my muffin and sipping on my coffee the wind outside decided to pick up a bit…..well more like a lot….it was so strong that the large glass entry door could not be opened by the store manager. She was trying to push it open and needed the help of two guys to get it open for some new customers. The sandy jobsite next to my office building was one big white cloud of dust. My car is probably sand-blasted from the gale force winds.

When I got back upstairs to my office and looked out over The Palm, the harbor water had white caps. That is the first time the wind has been that strong to disturb the lagoon water in The Palm area. Two large yachts were being spun around on their anchor. I would have thought they would use an anchor at both ends, but maybe that is not the way things are done around here.


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One Response to Not going to listen

  1. chico walker says:

    boats only anchored at the bau (bow) so they can rotate, always heading into the waves. if bau and stern anchored it could roll and take on water, bad.

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