Settling in at the job site

Things are moving along on my high rise apartment building project in Abu Dhabi. The job site is about an hour and 15 minutes from my villa in Dubai. Interstate driving the whole way.

I have attached some images to this blog to give you an idea of what the job site is like. First of all, this is the only time I have ever worked in a two storey job site trailer. My office is on the top floor looking out over the job site. The flowers planted at the main entry to the trailer is a nice touch, don’t you think so…..

I now have to break in a new office coffee server. I had everything worked out when I was in Libya, but now I have to get the new guy straightened out that I like my coffee just black and no sugar. I might have to bring in my own coffee mug, because the china that they have at the job site is a teeny cup, as you can see from the photo. Barely one gulp and you are finished.

Yesterday the job site had a formal blessing of the site. I will not go into too many details for fear that some people might be appalled. Let’s just say that if you take portions of the Old Testament where they talk about sacrificing a lamb, well that is what happened at our site. You won’t see that sort of thing in the USA. It was very interesting and the meat from the sheep will be distributed to the construction workers. I think I will have a grilled chicken sandwich for dinner tonight.


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  1. Wow. How interesting!

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