Don’t call me a traitor

Now that I am spending more time at the job site in Abu Dhabi, I thought I would explore the surrounding area a bit. Since my project is so close to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), there are a couple of hotels close by. One is a Starwood Hotel (ALoft) that is across the street and the other is a Premier Inn. Both are very nice. I like the ALoft better since I can rack up points on my Starwood frequent traveler card.

The Premier Inn has a coffee shop in the lobby called, COSTA. The Costa shops compete with Starbucks, so since I cannot use my SBUX Gold Card I am trying to get in good with the Costa coffee guy. I got a punch card yesterday and since I had been there once with one of the other guys from the job site, he punched my card three times. I think I will like this guy.

While drinking coffee I noticed an Emirati guest go thru the lobby of the hotel. She was wearing her traditional abaya (black outer garment), but instead of a black scarf over her hair, she opted to go a little out of the norm and wore a Burberry scarf instead. It had a distinctive look about it, but I am not sure how the locals might accept the fashion statement. Better not let Joan Rivers and the fashion police see that one.


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One Response to Don’t call me a traitor

  1. NIcki says:

    I think the Burberry scarf would look awesome! Well done, Emerati lady! You have approval from across the pond.

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