Don’t take directions well

It has been said that men do not like to ask for directions. Well, I have been lost a few times in Dubai, so I purchased a GPS unit to help me find my way around. I guess you could say that I still do not ask for directions, I just let the British Lady (we will call her Miss MoneyPenny) in my GPS unit to tell me where to go. I am beginning to think that this Garmin machine has its own personality. Sort of like HAL on 2001 Space Odyssey.

I had programmed the GPS to take me to my Saturday morning church men’s group. I put in the LAT/LONG of the location and it appeared to know where I should go. There is so much road construction going on around here, that half the time MoneyPenny will tell me one thing and I would have to go the other way to dodge the road barricades.

Today, I was turning left every time MoneyPenny told me to go right, so she stopped talking to me. Crazy GPS system was giving me the silent treatment. Finally she said, “make a U turn as soon as possible….” I could sense the frustration in her voice. I finally got to my destination but it was quite an ordeal. I keep thinking that MoneyPenny might take me way out of my way just to teach me a lesson. Maybe I should have purchased the extended warranty on the GPS in case it gets mysteriously thrown on to the floor of the car.


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