Desert BBQ

This past Saturday was an interesting day for me. I met up with a number of folks from my church (120+) and we drove out to the desert and had a BBQ fellowship hour. Actually it was from 3 to 11 p.m. A little more than an hour. Part of the time was spent driving up and down the sand dunes in a four wheel drive car. The locals call this activity “dune bashing”. Up and down and side ways…it was great fun.

After the dune bashing we all met up at a camp site in the desert as the sun was going down and we had a fellowship time together and sang hymns and ate and ate. We had lamb, chicken shwarma (chunks of chicken on s stick), rice, cole slaw and falafel. Everything was great. Since we have three services, I met some people that go to a different service than I do.

So when you come to Dubai for your visit, I will try to make arrangements and we can do a Desert Safari.


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One Response to Desert BBQ

  1. john crane says:

    Do not fall out of the dune buggy!!!

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