Just Being Careful

Authentication is the key word in the UAE. Any document that is signed needs to be signed in Blue ink and then a rubber stamp with blue ink has to be adhered to the document. In many times this could be a simple letter. The blue ink is so that the document cannot be just a black/white photo-copy.

It is actually a pretty good idea if you ask me. Cuts down on fraud and you are guaranteed that you got the original document in your possession. Things went a little further than that when I went to the local Kinko store. I was waiting to get a document printed and I noticed that the Kinko guy was using a red candle to drip wax on to an insulated mailing package. He was putting four wax embossed seals on the flap of the package to verify that it had not been opened and the seal was not broken. I have enough trouble getting the UPS or FedEx package open without having to cut the end off. He used a Dirham coin to press into the red wax. Very official looking.


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