Me Spoiled???

OK, I will admit that even though it is going to hit 100 degrees this week and I was driving back from Abu Dhabi last night and got stuck in traffic for nearly 40 minutes (my overall trip usually takes 1.25 hours….this time it was 2 hours). At least I made it back to the villa safe and sound. I am not spoiled………OK, I have a private pool to lounge around in when it has been a long day, and the water temperature is about 84 degrees, but I have been working to keep the leaves out of the pool, so it is not all lounging…….I am not spoiled………OK, when I go to my local Starbucks and give them my order at the front desk, I sit down and they bring my coffee and muffin to me……I am not spoiled….OK, I go to the job site trailer and before I sit down the jobsite coffee boy brings my coffee to my office with a bottle of water…..I am not spoiled.

As my daughter once told me… have to look at it as “not being spoiled…..I am Blessed”


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One Response to Me Spoiled???

  1. Dwight Chernish says:

    The leaves in your pool are palm leaves? Those can be some big dudes. Sitting in a car when it’s 100 degrees outside doesn’t sound like fun as the A/C is probably stretched to the limit. Starbucks, yeah your spoiled.

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