Don’t worry


It is funny how the heat can effect your appetite. Today it was a little over 100 degrees, so I slept in late and then hung out at the pool most of the day. My landlord and his wife had invited a number of friends over that do not have the luxury of a private pool, so we had quite a crowd at the villa. The water temperature was about 87 degrees. I kept thinking that if we got too many people in the pool, the body temperature of everyone might put the water temp at 90 in no time.

Since I was not very hungry during the day, I grabbed a bite to eat over at the Al Barsha Mall. I needed to stop by and get some more Coke cans in order to make it thru the next few days of heat. I noticed a new fast food restaurant had opened up at the Mall. It is called “Just Falafel”. Of all things, you can order an American meal, Japanese meal, Emirati meal, Italian meal and an Egyptian meal. Basically it is a falafel patty on different kinds of bread. The store is laid out like a Subway. You order your meal and they put the toppings on the sandwich.

Falafel is a combination of chickpeas, onion, parsley, garlic and spices. They deep fry the patty or falafel balls and serve it on bread. Now I just want you to know that there is no way I am switching to be a vegetarian while I am here in Dubai. In fact I had a Fat Burger last night for dinner…..yummmmm.

I thought I would give it a go and tried the American meal……it comes with fries too………so I have decided that chickpeas and all that other stuff, so long as it is deep fat fried, it is OK with me…….


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