Beach Patrol

One thing about Dubai is that we have a number of very large beaches. Some are private beaches for the various hotels along the coast but there are still some large public beaches. Now that the weather is getting so warm, many people are flocking to the beach on the weekends.

Apparently the construction worker crews are taking advantage of the warm weather and going for a romp in the sea on their day off (Friday). Most construction sites work a six day work week. This week an interesting article hit the local newspaper. The beach patrols have been arresting some of the construction workers because they have been taking off their overalls and going for a swim in their white jockey underpants. When they emerged from the water some local sunbathers were appalled at the sight, since it looked like the white underpants became transparent. So the poor fellows were taking away in the police car.

The construction company was able to get these guys out of jail when they told the authorities that many of these guys had never seen the sea and did not know the appropriate etiquette. So a local radio station has taken on the effort to help provide swim trunks for the construction workers. Sort of like “Coats for Kids” in Indianapolis. The construction workers do not make very much money and most of it they send back home to their families. So a campaign is being put together to help keep the beaches G rated. Only in Dubai………..


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One Response to Beach Patrol

  1. Jim Hill says:

    It looks like Dubai has the problem in hand.

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