Beat the HEAT

The temps in Dubai are getting up there. Lately the average daily temps have a little over 100. Earlier in the week the humidity was not too bad, but lately the humidity has been around 70%. The heat index is about 111. I have been trying to enjoy the pool on a daily basis, but sometimes I do not really get a chance to hop into the pool until after the sun is down. The water temp in the villa pool is running about 88 degrees. If this keeps up, we might have the largest hot tub in the world.

When I was at the job site last week, one of the workers decided to create his own shade device. I have attached a photo for your enjoyment. He was casually walking from one part of the job site to the other, but he did not seem to mind the blaring sun since he had himself his own shade structure.


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One Response to Beat the HEAT


    That looks like it is a piece of styrofoam insulation. Is that correct? Hope there isn’t much wind.

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